Using and Choosing a Personal Safety Alarm

The likelihood of facing violence or assault in our daily lives is a lot higher than it used to be. As populations grow and the cultures merge, there is a growing chance of getting in a threatening or dangerous situation. We all want to feel as safe and secure and personal alarms can help us feel more confident and provide a level of security.

There are many different types of alarms available and picking the right personal alarm can sometimes be tricky. First, understand your situation and needs, and you should be able to pick the best one for your needs.

The Objective of a Personal Safety Alarm

The purpose of a personal safety alarm is to shock and disorientate an attacker, alert others for help, and to give you time to get away. They are not designed to immobilize or scare off the attacker. Personal alarms may not actually attract the attention of passers by, but they will cause the attacker to flee most of the time.

Key Features

The most significant part of an alarm is the sound it emits. This sound needs to be as loud and as high-pitched as possible. Ideally, it also needs to be dissimilar to those usually heard such as automobile alarms, police sirens, etc. Most law enforcement personnel agree that the most successful sound is constant shriek and over 130 decibels. This is not a sound we usually hear and makes the alarm better able to startle the attacker and alert people nearby.

A personal alarm needs to be simple to carry. But it is important to weigh the pros and cons of a very lightweight and small alarm verses one that is slightly larger and louder. Some small alarms can be very loud, although the sound may not last for very long. They can be easier to handle for some people. The best compromise is in an alarm that can fit without difficulty into the palm of your hand, but is still very loud. There are also flashing personal alarms with lights which give a visible point of reference to anyone passing by.

Ease of use also is also a consideration. How would you operate the alarm in an urgent situation? There are many different ways to activate the various types of alarms including push caps, push buttons and pull out pins. How awkward is it to locate the button and activate it? Do you have problems using your hands or fingers? If so, you might need to use both hands. As an alternative, are you able to operate it purely by pushing it against something else? Some even have straps that can clip onto your shirt or belt and are triggered by simply pulling the device.

Remember, a personal safety alarm should be just one part of your personal safety strategy. There are many other ways you can protect yourself against aggression, including self defense techniques. Once you have set off your alarm, leave the area and situation as quickly as you can. If possible, move to a busy and well lit location. There is no need to wait and make sure that your alarm has had the desired effect. Just leave and seek help.


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